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Decorating With Lights and Shades
Candlestick, lamp and fixtures for electricity must accord with the lines of your architectures and furniture. The mantelpiece is the connecting link between the architecture and furnishing of a room. It is the architect contribution to the furnishing, and for this reason the keynote for decorator.
How To Select a Table Lamp or Floor Lamp
A "how to" on lamp selection or home decorating should first address the fact that individuals may have strong personal tastes or preferences. After 25 years of close personal relationships with designers, decorators, store buyers and most importantly the retail customer, we have evolved a unique perspective on how to select a lamp.
Lamp Shades Decorate a Room
When redecorating a room, don't forget about your lighting. While it may seem that you will have to purchase all new lamps for your new decor, sometimes all you need is a new lampshade. Replacing a lampshade is a lot cheaper than purchasing a whole new lamp
Shade Buying 101
Add an instant dash of style to your existing decor - simply by changing the shades on your table lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers or fixtures! Our simple guide takes you through the steps to picking the style, fabric and color that's right for you.
Tiffany Lamp Reproductions - Quality At An Affordable Price
You don't have to spend thousands of dollars to acquire an original Tiffany lamp, you can still find quality Tiffany lamp reproductions that add beauty and warmth to any decor. Many fine reproductions of Tiffany lamps are available to you today. While modern home furnishing designs seem to become less imaginative, it is great to know that one can purchase Tiffany lamp reproductions in a variety of original designs and colors.
Tiffany Lamps - A Timeless Treasure
Among the varied accomplishments of it's inventor, the lamp was among Louis Comfort Tiffany's least favorite. The brilliant artist and cunning businessman took far greater pride in his work in areas such as interior design, painting, stained glass creations, and even ceramics. Because Tiffany's lamps were mass-produced, they failed to give him the same pride as his many other artistic endeavors
Which Lamp Should I Choose?
With all the lighting choices out there, you may want to reconsider just purchasing a lamp for your lighting needs. Whether you are looking for interior lighting or outdoor lighting, you can find many options pretty easily. Lighting fixtures have become more then just a means for gaining light. They are stylish and fun.
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