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TIPS for buying a ceiling fan

1. Bigger rooms need bigger fans. rooms up to 225 sq. ft: 50-to 56-inch fan; up to 144 sq. ft: 42-to 44-inch fan; up to 64 sq. ft: 32-inch fan

2. Fan blades should be at least 7 feet above the floor. A blade height of 8-9 feet is optimum.

3. Look for a motor that can do the job.

4. The amount of air moved by a ceiling fan depends on the angle, or pitch, of its blades. A pitch of 14 degrees is optimum for maximum air movement.

5. Look for light fixtures and fitters that match your fan's finish.

6. Determine if you will need electrical wiring brought to the part of the room you want to add the fan.

7. When adding a fan to the bathroom, look for one specifically designed and UL-listed for damp locations. Want one for the patio? Opt for a fan that is UL-listed for wet locations.

8. Buy the best quality you can afford.

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TIPS for buying a ceiling fan
TIPS for buying a ceiling fan
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